Domestic internet marketing specialists recommend e-mail marketing as part of your emarketing plan

E-mail Marketing and Sales

E-mail marketing and sales can be a powerful part of your emarketing plan.

E-mails are very low cost, yet permission or opt-in e-mail can have much higher response rates than traditional e-mail or direct marketing. You can send newsletters, special offers, update contact details etc.

We can assist you in building your lists of recipients who have agreed for you to mail them and also the broad nature and purpose of the e-mail content. For most businesses your past customers are a prime target for e-mail marketing to generate repeat sales.

As professional domestic internet marketing specialists, we do not support e-mail marketing from unapproved lists. This is categorised as ‘Spam’ which will contravene rules from EEC, US, many ISP and hosting companies and organisations – and may annoy many of your target market too.

We can help you select and implement e-mail software to make your list operation easier and also create your e-mail text and HTML page design within your own branding to sell powerfully to your recipients.

Autoresponder Marketing

Automatic e-mail marketing using responder software can lift your visitor conversion rates dramatically:

* You can send interested prospects a planned series of e-mails over preset intervals providing information in bite size chunks, for example on different aspects of your products or services.
* Follow up e-mails can contain more calls to action, reminders to ‘buy’ from you or ‘special offers’.
* This helps to build a relationship with your prospect, reinforcing your branding and driving home your sales messages.
* All this can be done automatically and at little cost.

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