Professional copywriting for websites and marketing campaigns
Words are powerful.

They can grab your readers or turn them away.

They may be few or they may be many. No one writing style suits everything – and importantly – everybody.

In professional copywriting for all types of marketing campaigns, your copywriter has to:

* Understand your business and your subject
* Understand your target readers, their preferred reading style and likely ‘hot spots’ – the things about your subject that turns them on
* Choose the communication style for the medium
* Write to ‘sell’ your message and produce the result you want

AND on websites ALSO:

* Write for the search engines at the same time as the human audience

This means selecting the most appropriate keywords, and building them into the page for maximum impact on the search engines, whilst reading naturally to the human visitor.

Global Advantage Services copywriters have substantial experience of traditional off-line marketing copywriting to business and consumer audiences as well as of website and email copywriting.

Our website copywriting is a key element in our successful search engine marketing service where we produce real results for our clients measured by web traffic and sales.

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